Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready or not...

A friend and new gardener asked me yesterday how to know when to pick your vegetables. My answer was a definitive "It depends...". Carrots and beets might be the easiest because you can see the tops above the soil when they get close to big enough. Cauliflower and broccoli I have less experience with, but I understand we're racing to pick them before they bloom so one must check them daily. And when all else fails, if you've got more than one of whatever it is, just pick one and see what it looks like, which is what I did today with the beets. Thanks to the wonders of cell phone cameras, now you can play the "ready or not" game, too! (answer key below)
a) one inch broccoli crown
b) beets
c) tomatoes
d) slightly pink strawberry
e) one inch peaches
a) not ready
b) the full spectrum of not ready on the top to ready on the bottom
c) 5 months away from being ready
d) 3 days away from being ready (the bottom one)
e) 2-3 months away from being ready (I'm counting the days; they are heavenly)

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