Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recipe inspiration

I've been thinking about posting adaptations to recipes for quite some time but haven't pulled the trigger. Maybe it's because the food I cook, while quite tasty, always ends up looking like ugly mush. So now, instead of actual recipes/ adapted recipes, here are some pics of my favorite meals of this week in case you need ideas for what to make (or what not to make, if you're into good-looking food).
First is my comfort food. A lot of people go for macaroni and cheese, but I'm a mushroom risotto girl all the way (recipe from my crazy friend Kelli). Then there's some squash bisque I tried for the first time tonight (recipe from magazine found on the counter at work), using carrots picked from the garden today and the remaining 2 butternut squashes from last year's harvest. As a grand finale, there's the Sunday special plate so named because the last 3 weeks in a row on Sunday I've gone down to the veggie bed and chopped off 10-15 stems of red swiss chard and cooked up this dish of lentils, chard, pasta and cream cheese. Super savory and yummy (recipe from Sunset Complete Vegetarian Cookbook circa 1993).

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