Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What was she thinking?

My dog is getting on in years, she's 12 or 13 we think, so you'd guess that she's had time to mellow out and doesn't get into much trouble anymore. That's generally true. But tonight we got home to find a ridiculous scene.
And, you ask, what is there to be learned from trying to clean the mess made by a dog who stole a bag of flour off the counter and ripped it open all over the floor?
1. Flour makes floors very slippery, so even though I was wearing running shoes with full tread I felt like I was ice skating. Kind of fun and kind of treacherous at the same time.
2. A broom is an inadequate tool. Sure it will get the surface flour out of the way, but when dog slobber mixes with flour it forms cement-like blobs that require much more labor intensive cleaning.


  1. good job making a mess Sam! did she even like the taste of the flour?

  2. She might have liked it; it sure seems like she ate some judging by the middle of the night emergency trip to the water bowl so she could drink for 2 minutes. Then the next day she had a bathroom accident - her stomach was complaining. She's one strange cookie.