Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From hell to heaven

The right answer to "What kind of music do you want?" is not "I don't care".
The previous time I've gotten MRI's they've handed me earplugs. This time it was headphones. I guess I though classical would be the default and/or it would be too complicated/unnecessary for them to go through all my options.
So the loud music kicks in right after I'm positioned to where I'm supposed to stay still for 24 minutes. "Soft rock 102", says the station promo. That's not good. The first song was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The second was Jingle Bells. The british accented announcer confirmed that this was "the station for ALL my Christmas favorites". Oh boy. 24 minutes can be a very long time, between listening to the music, trying to stay still and fighting an overwhelming urge to start coughing.
The 25th minute comes and I am allowed to move for a few minutes, and as soon as the nurse appears I change my answer. Channel 94.9 please. Back in the tube for another 15 minutes, and I realize all the songs this station is playing are the same band. It's 8 o'clock albums. They were playing Lucious Jackson's 1996 release Fever in Fever out, which I listened to semi-obsessively over the years and still love. I could have stayed in there longer. They could have turned up the volume.
Valuable life lesson learned for next time anyone asks me that important question. Don't let soft rock Christmas tunes happen to you.

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