Monday, October 4, 2010

Squeak. squeak. squeak.

My dog was quite a chewer when she was young. She chewed the remote control, the duffle bag, and the quart of oil (don't ask). Eleven years later, she still chomps on things, but either she's gotten a bit more mellow or I found the perfect toys. I haven't bought her chew toys for years as she kills them so quickly, but my mom was nice enough to buy toys for her other grand-doggy Sam got to play with over the holidays and she loved it!!! She does this odd thing where she squeaks it, then waits 4 seconds, then squeaks it again. Repeat infinitely. Too cute. So now when she gets excited instead of going for the Nylabone she goes for the squeakie toys.
After the success at my mom's, I bought some more of the same brand once I got back to San Diego. So now I can fully recommend these toys to dogs who like to chew. (link to examples) The designs are pretty damn cute too. We evolved from the bowling pins to the squid to the kitty (meow).

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