Friday, September 3, 2010

To cook or not to cook

Today the house is so hot I'm melting. There's no question about whether or not to add heat to the equation -- cooking is banned! But I'll share a baking failure from a few weeks ago, just for fun.
It actually tasted pretty good, but I still was unwilling to share with anyone out of embarrassment. It started with the best intentions. Two days worth of figs were stockpiled. Recipes were researched. Supplies were purchased (mostly). I had two options, one being to recreate this pie I successfully made with peaches and blueberries (with figs as the sole fruit), and the other option was to adapt a baked fig/cream cheese recipe that was intended for dried figs into something that works with fresh fruit. But my shopper understandably had trouble finding "creme fraiche" so I started working on the second one. Not exactly sure where I strayed off the path, but the crust was entirely the wrong consistency, and there was no where near enough filling or cream cheese topping. Link to the recipe here and my embarrassing finished product pictured below.
My non-cooking concoctions have had a bit more success. As you may be able to tell, right now I'm all about cucumbers. They're ready to eat from my garden, and I was given a hefty bag of veggies from a friend's mother's garden that contained some yummy tomatoes, cucumbers (a different variety from what I'm growing) and some long, gorgeous peppers. From these gifted veggies came my meal 2 nights ago of tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar and salt. This would have been great if it had mozzarella chunks and fancier vinegar. Then below it is tonight's meal of cucumbers from my yard mixed with corn and kidney beans, dressed with peppery balsamic salad dressing. This was much more filling and quite tasty. Doubt I can string cucumber dishes together 3 days in a row, but maybe I'll find inspiration tomorrow.

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