Monday, August 16, 2010

So many seeds

The one bed that has, until yesterday, been a thicket of dying volunteer tomatoes is now almost ready for new seeds. Which is a good thing, considering a bunch of seeds just arrived unexpectedly in the mail (thank you!). They're all really interesting, but gosh can't wait to see what happens when the purple carrots grow up. Adding some diversity to our carrotpeople...
Another interesting thing is the loofa gourd - I had no idea this was a vegetable. Seemed like a sea creature. Maybe I can plant some soon and give them for holiday presents?
And be clear, I've put the volunteer tomato remnants in the green waste bin for the city to pick up - not in my compost bin. I don't want any more pink cherry tomatoes. My max was reached last year when I planted them on purpose. Two  (San Diego) seasons later I have zero patience for them. Good riddance!

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