Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April greenery

The peaches look all grown up, but they are only the size of apricots and still fairly greenish. Went to a class back in February at the local garden shop where they taught me about trimming growth before the blossoms and shoots came. It was really hard to cut off much but I tried and did a reasonable job - it's just so hard on a young, small tree to cut a lot off. Then in March, I must have spent about 8 hours over a few weekends knocking off blossoms so that there was ample space between the fruits. It's kind of a fun puzzle to decide which remained and which were removed, but I was determined to thin things out - read something about how the tree will use so much energy if you let all the blossoms turn into fruit that it will most likely not fruit at all the next year. Which may have been why my plum tree took so long to get going this year... Then the last plant is a succulent I bought for $3 or something at Trader Joe's but split apart into separate pots and will plant it on the hillside soon. I had never noticed the striations before, think it was just the lighting as the sun was setting that made it pop.

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