Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter garden

It gave me a handful of orange cherry tomatoes. And more big ones are on thier way. The big plants are going wild again and I'm pretty close to cutting them back finally in hopes the fruit that's already there will be better on a smaller plant.
I turned over one box entirely, added my first batch of homemade compost and planted seeds. The next box was cut back save for a few swiss chard and the eggplant. The swiss chard was getting powdery mildew, so I cut them back almost to the ground. The eggplant is just chugging along making more flowers, so I left it as is. Not sure if they're supposed to be perenials, but in San Diego I think not every plant does what's "normal" for it anyways.
And we planted a new peach (4 kinds on one tree), and a plum (burgundy which was my favorite of the 5-in-one plum I planted last year). I pruned all 4 trees (last years and the new ones) and hope that I did the right thing. To up the odds, I went to a free class at Walter Anderson (which I recommend as it's both a lecture and a chance to ask questions). 


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