Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inaugural "No pants day" in San Diego

It was started in NYC almost 10 years ago by an improvisation group.

And by 2010, it has become a world-wide event. San Diego had its first event this year, today. The idea is to ride the subway wearing no pants and act like everything is normal. "Agents" were instructed to meet at a park by near the convention center trolley ride. We were broken up into teams and given routes to start with, but as the idea is for us to act like we are not connected, we could break up and go our own way. We all took our pants off at the first trolley station, in front of the news cameras (who interviewed the hottest ladies and the guy in the suit.)

We were given instructions to be courteous to authorities, who were extremely nice to us (except the security guards near the art museum). My "cell" of 7 people went around town a few times, one of the highlights was when we got to the fancy shopping center - Fashion Valley- and some teenagers asked us completely sarcastically if it "was, like, national don't wear pants day or something". She asked the guy in the business suit why he wasn't wearing pants... he said they were at the dry cleaner. A few older people shook their heads, and a few younger people were trying to figure it out... "it must be hard to put pants on for some people..." One of the last guys I saw before leaving the trolley was a guy who looked at me and the gals I was chatting with got a big smile and nodded his head, like he'd been given a gift of seeing women in their underwear. One woman said she accidentally sad down (pantsless) next to a nun. Another woman (who was in her 20's wearing leopard print panties and high heels) was given a phone number by a random male trolley car rider.
I told a few people who asked I had taken my pants off because I was hot from running. I'm the furthest thing from an actor and it was terrifically hard not to tell people what was going on when they asked, not to talk to the others who were not wearing pants, and not to take pictures. I can do better next year.

Here's a link to a news clip from the NYC festivities today. I'll post updates when the SD people get their blogs, youtube postings (first one live now), and news reports online.And link to the founding organizations site where you can read about the 44 cities who participated today. I've heard about some of their hijinks on This American Life. New link of photos here and here


  1. Thanks for the summary! I had no idea you managed to sneak a picture of me!

  2. Yes. Can't wait to see your pics. Bummed I can't find the news footage. Have you seen it?

  3. I saw it on Fox 5 that night, but haven't been able to find it online. My photos should be up soon. :)