Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sewing at long last

I took this project on an embarrassingly long time ago, and have just finished 1 out of 2 large towels, and none of the small ones. The idea is to take these much loved, well used towels with ragged edges and add edges (essentially quilt binding). Soon I can give these kidnapped towels back to their rightful owner in their new, improved state.

This is in line the movement of reusing, updating, and improving (refashioning) things we already own instead of going out and buying new things. While I haven't officially refashioned anything else lately, I did mend an old coat (seam had come out of the shoulder) and have some ideas for sewing holiday and baby shower gifts that I may be able to pull off in time... But first, I have a few more towels to work on.

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