Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inside the ghost watermelon and the end of summer harvest

I "ghosted" the watermelon after the disappointment of finding white flesh inside it's sister melon (picked the same day, before it had ripened). Well then as murphy's law would have it, after opening this one Nov 1st, I found some pretty nice red flesh. Not super sweet, but we ate every bit of it. The man said he actually liked the tartness. What a nice surprise!
The eggplant is the only plant from summer that is still flourishing. It has 6 fruits on it now in various sizes; the largest should get plucked soon. Another lesson learned - eggplants apparently need cages or stakes. This one is following in the path of the summery cherry tomatoes and toppled over the retaining wall. It just kinda grew that way, didn't end up there with a catastrophic fall the way the cherries did, so I haven't done anything to try to straighten it.

And here's a before/after shot of the flourishing squash/melon box vs. the way it looks now. There's only a tiny bit left alive on the hillside from the bits of butternut squash and watermelon vines that haven't petered out yet. In the center box are the eggplant, the swiss chard and tatsoy; which seem like they'll never die, although eventually I will retire them in favor of something new.

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