Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deja vu

I got home tonight to find one of my winter tomatoes had toppled over. I bought one sturdy tomato cage a few weeks ago, but for some stupid reason (like I'm cheap), didn't get a second. I suppose I thought I was going to test the first one and see how it worked before buying another? Meanwhile the tomato in the wimpy cage (on the right) was down for the count. Thanks to a big wood pole, the day laborer, and his mad hammer skillz, it's upright again for this photo (and hopefully will remain upright for the near future).

Proof that these are big tomatoes below (varieties are celebrity and champion). The first one on the plant that did not fall over is just starting to barely turn orange. I have an issue with patience (like not having any) and these weeks or months that this thing takes to turn red are going to be very hard. But what can you do... Notice the giant leaf on the right? I planted zucchini again. Over summer I had 3 plants grow huge and take over. So what did I do for winter? Now I've got 4 zucchini plants growing. I really do never learn. This time they are supposed to be multicolored; I just couldn't resist planting one seed of each color.

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