Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer tomatoes ripped out

The giant summer tomatoes were removed today along with the zucchinis. The pests were eating more of the fruit than I was. In their place (after compost was added) are my first two non-cherry tomato plants. Winter tomatoes, the garden shop called them, but they seem like normal plants - just varieties that don't require a ton of heat. We'll see how that goes. Also threw in some squash (each seed supposed to be a different color/kind from my mom's seed collection), some cucumbers (more marketmore because last months sprouts were eaten already), and of course beets. Must go shopping for some better cages so these tomatoes don't fall over.

This shot has the empty box in the near ground, the chard/eggplant/green bean/tatsoy plot in the middle, and the butternut squash/watermelon patch in the furthest box and growing up the hill. Will put the cantaloupe plants out of their misery next week as they're no longer producing, but the butternuts have at least 15 fruits in development and the watermelon has 3 (knock on wood they'll keep growing to be big enough for us to eat them).
And then here's the dog enjoying the late afternoon sun. Check out her tail shadow.

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