Monday, August 10, 2009

How much does 100 days bring?

The oldest plants were seeded over 100 days ago, and some were seeded a few weeks later to compensate for the casualties (due to bugs/birds/I never did quite figure it out). And yes, I'm a newbie which is why I'm so excited about sharing ad nauseum.
But here's an idea of how much 3 planter boxes in San Diego can yield between the end of April and the end of July:
Type Yield (# of plants)
Zucchini, Black beauty, 28 (3)
Beets 4 (4 - duh)
Green beans, Jade bush variety, 60+ (3)
Cucumber, Marketmore, 16 (1)
Tatsoy lots 'o leaves (5)
Cantaloupe 5 (2)
Cucumber, Armenian 1 (2)
Squash, Waltham butternut 8 (3)
Cherry tomatoes, rainbow mix so ??? 100+ (4)

There is definitely a second harvest coming for the squash, maybe cantaloupe and the watermelons, which were seeded much later, have their first fruit yet to grow big enough to harvest. These 3 squash all look big/green enough to likely make it to harvest (in 2-3 more months).

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