Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earth hour 2009

Thanks to a friend who texted 6 minutes before it started, I remembered to participate in earth hour last Saturday night. Had no lights on... which was actually pretty fun. In just an hour I had 3 favorite parts:
1. Lighting candles. I love these colorful holders made by Glassybaby. I have 6 but would love to have more. First saw dozens of them lighting up the entrance to a Mexican restaurant in Kirkland, WA. Have been slowly collecting them ever since. Will start inventing more reasons to light them! I just love the glow, the color. Looks like they have a registry so maybe I will get more...
2. Watching the photographer take long exposure photos of stars. He says none of them turned out but it was still fun for him and me to watch.
3. It has gotten warm here in San Diego with spring, so I pulled the fleece blanket off the bed. And the light show was awesome! The fleece snagged on a flannel sheet and the static energy caused green flashes.

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