Monday, March 23, 2009

I am not alone!

I love recycling. The amount of pleasure I take from stomping on boxes, piling up papers, and collecting bottles is a little silly - reminds me of a friend whose favorite thing to do last fall was turn her compost pile. While I do send my loved one to work periodically carrying bags of plastics stamped with recycling codes that our home recycling service doesn't accept, I'm not extreme about it. My desire to recycle and reuse is common, right???
In the San Diego area, incentivizing reuse is becoming more and more common. I was tickled to find that our new restaurant crush (it's been there forever but we just found it) discounts take out orders by 10% when you bring your own tupperware. This is something I've contemplated, as I eat a lot of take out food, and feel terribly guilty about the disposable containers, but never had the guts to do. Yet! After receiving the invitation from the restaurant, I'm absolutely going to do it.
Sometimes I bring my own cup for soda when I'm getting takeout, but I'm not consistent yet. Forgetting the cup and feeling a little awkward sometimes get in the way. But no more!
I had a big laugh yesterday when the elevator opened on the way into the womens NCAA basketball tournament, and a lady walks out carrying a black NCAA soda cup. The same exact cup I had in my hand! Not sure if the NCAA or the host university were to thank, but the woman said the price differential of $5 cup + soda vs. $2.50 for soda only motivated her to save her cup from the previous game and bring it to this one. My motivation is an excess of souvenir cups (and enviro reasons of course).
So bringing your own cup is officially not nerdy. I swear. Cool people do it. Basketball fans do it. I really shouldn't care, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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  1. I love recycling too! I can't believe how much we can recycle here...all the numbers through #8! We could only do 1 and 2 in MO. So I am in heaven now. We actually have too much stuff each week for our big container that the truck reaches out, grabs, and dumps into itself. Yesterday, I drove by a place that had outdoor bins to put recyclables in...going there tomorrow with paper!