Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delivery person extraordinaire

I've been volunteering with the local Science Festival. Part of what I'm doing is driving around to schools to drop off promotional posters and cards.

When I moved here a few years ago, I knew I wasn't moving to the best part of town. It's a little section of town kind of cut off from other neighborhoods by crisscrossing freeways. Mostly residential. Lots of retired people. Very low household income averages, something like $27,000 a year. But I have always felt safe here.

The schools I was assigned to drive to were in the real bad parts of town. I mapped the directions from the first school to last. About halfway through the driving I realized I had not mapped the way home!!! A moment of alarm... But as I kept following my directions en route to the final school, I started to recognize things. I drove past the Home Depot I frequent and the FedEx store. My tour of the ghetto ended about 5 minutes away from my own house!

Yesterday, I passed a Boys and Girls Club between schools and did a u-turn to stop in. I was wearing my orange science festival shirt and had 2 posters in my hand when I walked in. I must have had a questioning look on my face, because before I even got within 20 feet of the reception desk the lady shouted out, "Yes, yes, we want those! I'm going to the festival." I went back to the car for more posters and a handful of save the date cards, and when I returned, she was talking to a couple of 7 or 8 year old girls about the festival and how neat it was going to be. I passed the posters and cards to the lady, smiled and left. I heard the girls squealing when they saw the colorful posters... "Oooh, cool! Can I have one?" The lady gave an almost instant, automatic "No", then realized I had given her multiples of the cards and changed the answer to yes and handed them out. The girls were very excited!

This non-profit volunteering stuff is actually kinda fun... =)

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