Sunday, May 10, 2015


So here's the list of things I made with the 40 lemons... and they're still not all gone!
  • Lemon cornmeal cake
  • Garlic lemon shrimp
  • Lemon posset (a mix between custard and panna cotta)
  • Lemonade (so much 6 of us couldn't finish it)
  • A few sidecar cocktails
  • Fingerling potatoes with lemon, salt, and rosemary
  • Preserved lemons
And now I've got 2 fresh lemons and a BIG jar of preserved lemons. So the saga continues with the first recipe using the preserved lemons, which is a modification of this preserved lemon quinoa recipe. I used some cooked asparagus instead of brussels sprouts, and feta instead of goat cheese. Also wished I had gone less than 1/4 tsp with the cayenne. I'm a wimp with that stuff. But I still liked it and will make it again. =)  Only 12 preserved lemons to go.

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