Thursday, October 2, 2014

Processing lemons

The woman who taught me to heel passed away this weekend. She was a family friend and world famous dog behaviorist with 62,000 fans on her facebook page. Might have been suicide. Hard to believe. Shocking. She had come over to help with Max when she was in town to teach at a conference, and it was one of those amazing moments to see Max heeling perfectly from minute one with her but not at all with me. So she showed me how to give him clearer signals and we got really good at heeling. Wish I could have helped her the way she helped us. This kind of news forces reflection. Grateful for my life and my family who I was able to spend the past few days visiting - for the time we have together. Glad to have stopped in to see my high school friend and held her tiny baby. Happy to see the first vigorous blossoms on one of the lemon trees grown from cuttings, which look like they might be viable. Here's to appreciating life and helping others, and being kind and patient with our fellow people and pets. Link to info about Sophia Yin.

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