Monday, October 6, 2014

Active procranstination

Down here in Southern California we are incentivized by not only one but two different turf removal rebates. Check check. Signed up and pre-approved for both.  But... my plant list is due in a few weeks and I haven't been able to pull together the decision making to select plants, nor the energy to look up the size they're predicted to grow to and the relative water neediness (both are required for the paperwork). So, instead I, of course, got excited about quilting.
Having said that, the rebates are fantastic and I am very grateful and enthusiastic about the city want regional water districts methods to PAY ME to remove my lawn (which I wanted to do anyways), just stalling for now. Meanwhile we had ANOTHER heat wave when not even the elderly dog wanted to touch a bed, and the resident paleo chef tried out the new fancy pan (#it'snotjustpretty).

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