Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back to it - Fruit trees

The one thing I'm surprised I didn't make a point to blog about this summer? Nectaplums. The bareroot tree (Spice zee on citation hybrid rootstock) was bought in January 2012 and planted a few months later in the renovated front yard. Well it fruited this June and July and gave the most amazingly yummy fruit (about 50). If I could only have one fruit tree, it would be a nectaplum. The poor peaches took a major backseat this summer and were given away or cooked up (peach creme fraiche pie, peach buckle, peach frozen yogurt)... On to fall, was pleased to pick today (October) the biggest, most red fuji apples and find them tasty and awesome. The fuji on M111 rootstock was planted in the backyard lawn in January 2012 and has about 25 fruit, some small because I didn't thin enough. Next year I'll thin to only 2 fruits per junction (I promise). And I'll prune early as it dramatically encouraged more blossoms. Apparently sometimes they bear fruit every 2 years if you don't thin enough, but we'll see. For now I'm crunching happily.

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