Friday, February 1, 2013

Off season and on season

I'm not seasoned enough and not patient enough to follow traditional gardening practices. So I decided to plant some jicama seeds last fall even though the seed packet clearly said sow in spring because the plants love the summer heat. Well the plants grew up but then started looking bad in the winter so a few weeks ago I pulled them, taking care to search for bulbs. And guess what, I got some baby jicamas! They were the size of lemons or oranges, but being young didn't have a thick skin so I could eat them without peeling. Very cool. And one of them kinda looks like a muppet with a giant nose.
Back to on season crops - been pulling carrots here and there to add to soup. Tried red, yellow and purple ones and I'll be damned but the yellow are my favorites. They're not giant (I could be picking them too soon) but still really good! Also have some broccoli (ate last night super yummy) and cabbage which seems to be still several months away from ready. 

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