Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another recipe crush

Today we're crushing on curry cauliflower with garbonzo beans. Inspired by this recipe (link), except of course less oil (used 1/3 cup the first time and 1/4 cup tonight). But if you cut the oil, be sure to cook it a little longer; the crispiness of the beans is part of the awesomeness of this dish. Also I skipped the onions and cilantro, added slivered almonds (about 15 min before the roasting was done), and used 3 T Prego (which I had in the open in the fridge) instead of tomato paste (which was sealed in the pantry). Darn good, and a great way to get your cruciferous vegetable quota. What you don't have one? Read this then you'll have even more reasons to chow down on cauliflower! 

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