Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little things

 - Bit into my veggie burger and this yellow stuff shot out. As someone who hates mustard I was about to freak out when I realized I had ordered a fried egg on my burger and it was the yolk.
 - Looked over to see two men holding hands, which surprised me as the group had joined the table  as man and woman couples each with at least one little kid, seeming very heterosexual. Second-checked to be sure and yep, the two men were clutching hands across the table. Third check was when I realized their food had just appeared and they were all holding hands and praying before eating. Not something I think I've ever seen before.
 - When I was little my dad would have a fit when we used the scissors and didn't return them. They were pretty much never in the designated spot when he wanted to use them... so he had a secret pair of scissors in his sock drawer that my mom must have accidentally told us about in a moment of scissor desperation. We'd use them but ALWAYS return them to the sock drawer. I think my husband's trigger tool is the colander  It's never clean when he wants to use it and he gets sad. Note to self: Buy another colander for him and hide it from myself.
 - Listened to Garrison Kieller accidentally today and was surprised by how funny it was. As it's the weekend of the Twin Cities marathon, he said that Paul Ryan had run it in 1 hour 30 minutes (and that's a fact).

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