Monday, September 10, 2012

Alls well that ends well

A few Sundays ago I was super grumpy. I made two batches of jam using new recipes, healthier with no added pectin (instead using green apples or just that of the fruit) and less sugar. But it was more solid (like preserves) and canned with bubbles (not good if you want it to keep long term) and between that, the low yield compared to what the recipe suggested, and the not-so-sweet taste, I was pretty annoyed. All that time spent for some jam that might not keep past 3 weeks? Well today I put a giant slab of the peach/pineapple/coconut on a biscuit and it was heavenly. So my troubles of last week seem well worth it. Adapted recipe from Canning for a New Generation. (And the jam is now in the freezer to extend it's expiration date.)

1 comment:

  1. Note to self. Don't use shaved coconut again. It looks creepy and you can't really taste it.