Monday, June 18, 2012

San Diego Restaurants

So much to share here... we are pretty blessed gastronomically here. Let's break it down by category. Ladies and gentlemen, our favorite restaurants (click on restaurant name to go to their website):

Restaurants with craft beer
Stone Brewery and World Bistro Gardens 
Station Tavern
Blind Lady Ale House
Hamilton's (must be 21) food is from next door
Knotty Barrel
Tiger! Tiger!
Shakespeare's (British pub)
The Field (Irish pub - must be 21)
Pizza Port

For meat lovers
Rocky's (best burgers)
Phil's BBQ (best BBQ)
Tractor Room
La Jolla Strip Club (must be 21 - cook your own food on a communal grill)
Linkery (house made sausages)

Cheap eats - also vegetarian friendly
Sipz (all vegetarian)
Robertos (a chain, we prefer 3095 Clairemont Dr  or  2206 Carmel Valley Road)
Bronx pizza

Seafood  - also expensive except for south beach
South Beach (best fish tacos - must be 21 and pay cash)
Blue Pointe
Fish Market
Zensei (sushi)

Kid friendly (although you could bring kids most of the places on this list)
Station Tavern (has a playground!)
Broken Yolk (breakfast/lunch)
Blind Lady Ale House
Pizza Port

Focus on local foods
Kensington Grill
Sea Rocket
Stone Brewery and World Bistro Gardens

Broken Yolk (breakfast/lunch)
The Cottage
Hash House a go go 

Close to Balboa Park
Deli Llama (lunch)
Bankers Hill bar/restaurant
El Prado
Hash House a go go 
Kiki Sushi
City Deli
Tractor Room
Babycakes (cupcakes and food and drinks)

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