Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week of surprises

Some pleasant surprises this week! The 11 foot sunflower is tipping over very slowly... I hope it lasts for a while but it's seemingly on a path toward falling over. Exhibit 2: rainbow during commute. Third, the neighbor dog who lives 2 houses away has been jumping the fence into the yard next door for a few weeks, and we're using it as a training opportunity. Max has gone from hysterical running around and barking to being super calm around the dog (which is great) and it turns out Sam can be swayed by sausage treats to not cause trouble (which I never thought would happen). Speaking of training, Max is still stealing peaches and when I confiscated today's peach, it was soft and ripe! They've got a few more days until they're as sweet as I like, but they are ripe enough for the birds to have already started pecking holes in them. Last but not least there's some activity on the brussels sprouts that could possibly, maybe develop into edible clumps. Right now they're empty inside.

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