Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make the easy choice? Nope!

So I've gone and done it again. After poring over the list of fruit trees for a week, checking cold hours, and pollenation requirements, I marched into the shop ready to buy. But they apple tree I had settled on was unavailable this season (the trees didn't grow big enough to sell?)... so I had to reconsider. Dorsett Gold or Anna's are the most frequently recommended in So Cal but I had space only for one and they do better with cross pollenation... so on a bit of a whim I bought a "big" Fuji tree. (Big for a one-year old fruit tree means it's above 5 feet tall.) Got it home and the beermaker said it was too big for the spot we had selected, so we changed gears and put this in the middle of the "lawn". Which left open the other spot, so I marched back down to the store and bought another "small" apple tree, a Braeburn (which is a pollenation partner of the Fuji). The big risk is the lack of cold in my area - these trees are rated for colder winters - so fingers crossed that we get fruit.
Also purchased on Orchard Expansion Day 2012 were 2 almond trees and one Necta-plum tree, which is hailed as having gorgeous blossoms and foliage. These are also at risk of not fruiting (it doesn't get cold enough here for anything if you believe the tags), but hopefully I'll get a show of spring flowers and some shade as the trees mature. My pruning has been a bit more severe and I'm following instructions better, so with luck we'll have some nicely shaped, large trees (in about 10 years).
Braeburn tree pictured, with a wood lean-to behind it (to keep the dogs from running into it). 

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