Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dog feet and genealogy

So in an effort to better guess what breeds make up the new dog, Max, I looked up a bunch of traits and features of dogs and "webbed feet" caught my eye. Having never looked at my dog's feet closely I wasn't sure what I was looking for but inspected both dogs. Max absolutely has webbed feet. It doesn't show as well as I'd like in the photo, but there's a lot of skin and it extends up to the very edge of his pads on each toe. Sam has less skin and it has a scooped shape that doesn't extend anywhere near as far. I'm probably the only person excited about this discovery... but anyways we've got a new leading theory on his genealogy - lab and weimeraner. His height and sleekness and shiny coat and curly tail differ from the standard lab characteristics. And I have to brag about how he was a rockstar at his first family holiday with toddlers and 13 people in a new place. The worst thing he did was lick the 2-year old's face, but as soon as he learned the no licking rule he was solid for the rest of the long weekend. Won the "rookie of the year" award.

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