Friday, November 11, 2011


Sneaky me, visiting the garden shop before work today to secure the last packet of brussels sprouts seeds. Yes! That and romanescu are new for this season, but I got some broccoli and napa cabbage as well. Also check out my tomatoes that are not round... they're oblong and not like anything I've seen before. But they're numerous and starting to ripen, as you can see from the changes in color. Hopefully they're yummy! I think they're a result of some procreation between the summer plants, as these sprouted from the compost. I'm not sure I can quite call them mutants, but they are markedly different from any other tomato I've ever grown. Check out the shot from before they started ripening, where you can compare the one different plant with a round tomato on the right with the elongated ones on the left.

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