Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer, phase 2

The peaches and plums have all been consumed. Yield was low this year, but understandable since the weather was weird and the darn trees started blooming in November! Now we're in the phase where cucumbers, zucchini and snow peas are ready as fast/faster than I can eat them. The figs are starting to ripen, but in a few weeks I'll be in trouble as there are way more than I can handle. Coming next are the tomatoes, with the butternut squashes and watermelons following in a few months. The pumpkin plant looks vigorous but I haven't found any blossoms or fruit yet - fingers crossed that some will make it! The yard is becoming chaotic, as is the norm, with the tomato plants overflowing their cages (but this year I'm better at cutting them back), the zucchinis taking up 4 feet each, and the trailing vines like the butternut squashes and watermelons spreading all over the place. More beds were constructed today to go where the dog is sitting (that's Max, he's new to our family and a total sweetheart), so there will be even more space for fall/winter planting. 

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