Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's kind of funny how you give me a dying or unwanted plant, and I work with it to see if I can make it grow. I've taken cuttings from friend's front yards, free plants from the sidewalk (they had a sign on them), cuttings from lemon trees (which probably won't live), and large chunks of a dying succulent like plant from a friend's trash can (which revived just wonderfully). But when it comes to growing things with seeds and starting anew, I have no patience. Case and point the potatoes. I went in with a friend on some banana russian fingerling potato seed starters. I had a pound that I planted, leaves grew, I mounded, more leaves grew and all seemed to be working great in the box the farm boy built for me. The internet was my only source of information, and somewhere I had read you cut the tops off the plants 4 weeks before harvesting them. So before our summer vacation, the scissors came out and the plants were chopped. As soon as I came back, I spent a long hour trying to find them to dig them up and finally found... potato peas.
Upon reflection, I see that I only let the plants grow for 6 weeks and they probably were supposed to have 4 months of growth. My impatience got the best of me. But, on the bright side, I think they are pretty hilarious. The red ones came from a 4 inch pot that was already growing at the store (not starters), and they did much better - they were probably that size when I bought them. I will try again, but not for a while. Right now there's a yam in there that was sprouting in the cabinet - and I put the peas back in the ground - I figured why not. 

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