Monday, May 9, 2011

Darn those brazen critters

So if you're wondering why I asked the farm boy to put chicken wire (i.e., poultry fence) under and over the potatoes, here's why! I found this little critter at about 6:30 tonight (in broad daylight) on the edge of the yard. Luckily the dog did not notice her, so after I encouraged her to leave for about 5 minutes, she grudgingly climbed into the bushes along the fence. Now about those potatoes, here's the pic from when the green first popped, then only 16 days later when they grew something like 10 inches. So the carpenter added a level and we mounded with 2 bags (yes, 2 whole bags) of compost... Also I bought a cluster of red potatoes to add to the banana fingerlings (there was a quadrant with nothing growing), so now I have a mixed bed and am even more excited to harvest when the time comes.

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