Saturday, January 29, 2011

Berries looking strong

Guess what I found growing next to and under the strawberries I planted a few months ago? Blackberries are rising from the dead - these were planted 3 seasons ago, didn't do well and I hadn't seen them since. Can't wait to see if they can be good neighbors or if I'll have to relocate the strawberries... (the darker, smaller leaves in the center and left bottom are blackberries)
Also spied emerging are new canes from 2 of the tayberries (from my mother's yard) and raspberry branch planted bare root. The third tayberry has no canes at the base, instead it's growing leaves shoots from every point on the stalk that used to have leaves. So exciting. I love berries and missed them after moving away from the Seattle area. Plus I'm super curious to see how the tayberries do in SoCal. What grows like a weed near San Francisco might not like it here...

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