Sunday, September 5, 2010

A nail is not a nail, is not a nail

I give myself a D+ for today's carpentry project. Sure the task was completed eventually, but not before I had smashed my thumb with the hammer six times. And the nails tripped me up. The first one was too long, the second was dropped in the dirt and lost, the third so big I couldn't nail it through the wood, and the fourth was super short and wouldn't stay in place. I went back to the first kind to finish the job (even though they stick out).  I really wouldn't have thought that nails could be so different! Photos after the repairs, with a spider thrown in for good measure (click on the picture to see him bigger). After shoring up the trellis, I planted a host of seeds including sugar snap peas and the long awaited purple haze carrots... Check back in 75 days for purple carrot people!

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