Monday, August 2, 2010

Vine nation

Having planted seeds about 6 weeks ago, I'm at that point where the vigorous plants are leaving the planter boxes and taking over. And it's almost time for figuring out what is what. Between poorly labeled bags of seeds, animals moving things, and me perhaps making big mistakes when I write down what I put where, I have a few mysteries yet to reveal themselves. First, I've definitely got butternut squashes growing from where I scribbled "cantaloupe" on my plot layout. And there's something else really happy in the "cucumber" area, but I wonder if that isn't actually cantaloupe. Here's how things looked yesterday, but I'm sure by today everything is a few inches taller.We're in the exponential growth phase with the vining plants; they are about to take over the yard.
Acorn squash and green beans in old compost bin spot.
Green bean flowers peeking through acorn squash plants.
Mystery - cucumber or cantaloupe? With only male flowers blooming I can't tell!
The last 2 pics show the branched, rounded leaves of watermelon - this post is partially for a friend who has even less success remembering what she planted where and wondered if what's coming up in her garden might be a watermelon...

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