Monday, August 9, 2010

Day of discovery

Unofficial time with coworkers is precious. The hallways, lunchrooms, watercoolers are where you learn the most. Walking to lunch today was quite a revelation. By way of my complaining, they helped me figure out that the yellow squash I am growing (which looks like a crooked neck squash without the crooked neck) was actually an orangetti spaghetti squash. The confusion in this case wasn't that I forgot what I planted where, I think in this case I ordered something different than what I wanted when I placed my seed order online. I was expecting something "orange" that would look like a pumpkin, or sort of like a kabocha. Oops.
Next I asked my smart friends what baby acorn squash fruit would look like. I swear I planted the seeds but just find butternut squash growing there instead. They said, and I should have expected this, that they look like little acorns. Aha! So, tonight, thanks to some animal who trampled part of my bed, I saw things from a different angle and - low and behold - there's some little green acorn-looking things!
The last pic is still up in the air (although several peole are on team cucumber). Here's the largest baby fruit from the mystery plant I've posted about before. I'm not sure it's long enough to be a cucumber. My marketmore cucumbers are very prickly and dimpled even when tiny and I don't really see that here. More to come in a week when it's larger. I'm still thinking cantaloupe is a possibility.
Lizard on top of trampled mess

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