Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer fruit heaven

PLUMS: This is one of those fancy trees with 5 different varieties of fruit, but only the "beauty" fruited this year. They are turning colors quickly and are taking on lovely shades.
PEACHES: Check out what the birds are doing! The few I picked in advance of bird damage were not ripe, so now I'm choosing to wait longer as the fruits don't ripen once removed from the tree. So I just chop off the yucky parts and am left with more than half the fruit still - and they're so sweet I don't mind sharing (with birds or boyfriends).
FIGS: The giant one on the right is turning yellow meaning it's almost ripe. I have to watch the figs much closer as when the birds/bugs do their thing (photos from last year) there is nothing left for me. Picking every day seems like the thing to do, just have to force it into my morning routine. Seems like aside from the yellow one pictured, I have a few weeks and the figs and peaches won't overlap too much.

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