Monday, May 3, 2010

Propagation successes and thefts

The first round of propagation did well in the fig and leucadendron department (and succulents of course but that doesn't count). Check out the roots on the figs and little leaves sprouting mid stem from the leucadendron (which were propagated from a bouquet which amazes me - original post here). The tea tree and blackberry did not work.
I've gotten more goofy now and in addition to putting in all the broken bits of succulents from the workers who stepped on everything, I've put in cuttings of bougainvillea from the front yard, and am building up courage to ask the neighbor across the way to give me cuttings.
Which reminds me of the fairly innocent theft. It's a simple orchid that I found in someone's green waste bin on trash day. One hand held the dog leash, the other carried home the half dead plant so I could attempt to bring it back to life. We'll see what happens...  Meanwhile if anyone in my area is splitting, cutting or giving away plants, think of me! We might be able to propagate and spread the love.

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