Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fresh picked meal

Sometimes people ask me what to do with cherry tomatoes; they're more familiar cooking with big ones. For some reason, I've only ever grown cherries. Maybe because I like sweet things?
Anyways, here's one recipe I loved last year but had forgotten about until just yesterday. It's from a book: vegetarian sandwiches, given to me as a gift a few years back. There's one sandwich recipe I really like, but I have fallen in love with two of the salad recipes included in the book. The summer version is a sweet potatoes with roma tomatoes and home made salad dressing. I don't grow sweet potatoes, but I do grow butternut squashes. And the substitution works great! This batch is yummy and I even cheated with store-bought dressing (light balsamic and red wine vinegar). You could also throw this on top of lettuce/greens to make it even more healthy. Great way to enjoy cherry tomato season! Just peel and bake the squash (for 20 min or so), add tomatoes and dressing.
I'll tempt you with my spin on the winter salad inspired by the same cookbook in a few months...

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