Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dueling cucumbers

Picked my first Armenian cucumber today! As advertised, it makes beautiful slices with it's shape. Can't wait to get more and bring Japanese cucumber salad made with them to a party. Perhaps I should instigate said party...
How do they compare? The dark green one is a marketmore. The pale green one is the Armenian. The Armenian is more crisp. The marketmore is more juicy. Both taste fine, but the Armenian wins at the moment for being more stylized and because no peeling is required. But at the end of the season yield will have to be considered. Looks like I'll have at least 20 marketmore and not sure yet how many of the other... The Armenian seeds were planted later (actually round 2 because all the initial seedlings were eaten), which might work well if I've got one plant starting its harvest as the other is getting near the end of it's time. Plus it's cool to be growing a plant you don't see every day at the grocery store. (If it's at your grocery store - Shh.... I don't want to hear about it.)

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