Monday, June 22, 2009

Zucchini art and pink tomatoes

I blinked and 5 of my zucchinis had grown as big as wine bottles. Generally people don't like to cook with the big ones as they are less moist, more stiff, not ideal. So what to do with them...
1. Slice thinly and serve with gaucamole. Roll them to like a taco to create good scooping action. I did this for a dinner party and people actually ate them. Not all of them, but more than I expected.
2. Make art projects. I thought about trying to play with them like Mr. Potato heads, but didn't have body parts. So a candle holder/centerpiece was born.
3. Give them away. Again, I was surprised by how many people agreed to take one home. And the men had fun joking and posing with them. One guy really wanted to grill them, but I didn't realize his genuine interest until I had given them all away to other people. Two weeks and I'll have more to bring to his house.

And then I picked the first colored tomato on the gigantic plant that was/is six feet tall (just permanently leaning now). And I'll be damned, but it looks PINK! Here are four different fruit from four different plants (I bought a rainbow six-pack; the other two kinds haven't ripened yet so are still a mystery.) The orange one is by far the sweetest. The pink and red probably could have used more time to ripen... Slightly green still, not as sweet.

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