Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring harvest

The carrots and peas were planted in December 2nd and harvested in late March. I made a yummy curry dish with them!

Two of the 3 winter crop of figs actually ripened... The little one was perfectly ripe, and the giant one needed a few days, but it had beak marks on it (courtesy of a local bird) so I had to pick it. I'm used to ants in my figs, but the red-headed earwig that emerged from the little one surprised me. I was afraid it was a wasp or something when I could only see its head. Mildly gross, but a nice slice off the "bug end" and the tasty goodness was in my mouth. This is the giant one.

And for the progressions shot, the change here is from January 18 to March 5th... Left to right tatsoy, butter lettuce, carrots, and red swiss chard. Since then tomatoes have been planted in that pot and the new raised beds will be seeded on Saturday!

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