Thursday, April 9, 2009

Behind the times

I splurged a few weeks ago and bought a book. It's called Weekend Sewing and has cute patterns for adult and kids clothing. The styles are simple and cute, and don't seem overly difficult. I'll certainly make several items out of it... eventually.
But when I got home and read it, I was pretty surprised. Twice in the book, in separate sections, the author mentions how cute the clothing will look on someone who is tan. Had to check the publishing date - 2009! In this day and age, someone talking about being tan seems totally out of place and outdated. It's like smoking on tv or in the movies. People did it 20 years ago, but no one does it now. I thought that awareness of the dangers of skin cancer had been broadcast at a fairly mainstream level throughout the US. So maybe the author is from another culture who is less aware? The author lives in New York City...
This book flabbergasted me. I didn't know I was a skin cancer awareness activist, but maybe it was hiding deep within me and this book brought it out? Pardon me while I go add Sunscreen Advocate to my user profile.

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  1. Nope...people still tan in tanning beds in the center of the country at least! At my gym in MO people came into the gym not to exercise, but to use the tanning bed (costs extra). Here in IL there is a tanning bed at the gym, but I haven't seen anyone use it. I assume they do though, or why else would they have it?