Friday, March 13, 2009

Virtual quilt show

I just joined at virtual quilt show - people are posting the first quilt they every made. Mine was created back in 2002. I decided a quilt would be a good wedding present, so I made one. A bit ambitious, especially starting with queen size and using a borrowed, standard sewing machine. It's a pretty simple design with big, plain blocks, but I liked the fabrics and it was a good starter project. My work got more complicated with time... (will post more quilt pics later)

Here is the link to the virtual quilt show - look for carrotpeople.

Of all the stupidly ambitious things I've tried to do with no preparation, making a queen size quilt isn't that bad. Another time I'll tell you about my experience riding in a 5-hour tremendously hilly bike race only 3 months after having bought a bicycle. Now that put the stupid in stupidly ambitious.

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