Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama nation... and I can't stop smiling

We went to the bar this morning to watch the inauguration. Even though doors were supposed to open at 8:30, when we arrived at 8:15 we got some of the last stools. They then set out folding chairs in front of the projection screen (the pool table had already been moved out of the way). As 9 am neared, it was standing room only with about 150 people smooshed in to watch with their neighbors. The organizers provided coffee and mini muffins, and collected money for charity. I saw several groups of people drinking bloody maries and a couple drinking wine. Two people brought their dogs.

The crowd did many things that I expected, hissing for Cheney and snickering for Bush. But the bulk of the angst of the crowd was toward the pastor Rick Warren, who was booed and mocked, especially for the odd way he said Sasha's name... (Fierce?) The crowd was smitten with Aretha Franklin and cheered very loud when Obama was sworn in and at a few points during his speech, such as when he said America would usher in a new era of peace and when he sent a shout out to the non-believers (aka atheists). The cut away camera shot to George W. Bush when Obama was speaking about the sanctity of the constitution got some chuckles.

As for me... Biden is so likeable; Obama's speech was perfect. The music was lovely; the images moving. So great to watch as a community. All the people in DC. All the people in the bar with me -- clapping, hooting and hollering. All the people blogging about today who temporarily locked me out of signing in to post this. =) We share so much enthusiasm! Today we smile, tomorrow we try to figure out how to turn the energy toward something productive. Cheers!

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