Friday, January 30, 2009

Now featuring travel escapes

I really do feel bad that it is so warm here in So Cal when so much of the country is suffering from a nasty winter storm. So... I'm sharing the warmth and offering to have you join in the fun with several travel escapes. You're worth it. Block time now for a refreshing few days soaking up the southern California sun, working on a fulfilling project, and visiting local cultural sites.

Project: Digital photography

We'll start with some photography theory, and learn how to make the most of the camera you have and popular software editing tools. Then we're off to practice macro photography at several local gardens, shoot animals at the world famous zoo or animal park, and end up at the Pacific coast around sunset for a session on landscapes. You'll take home matted 8 x 10 photos of your best shots.

Project: Urban gardening
We'll work in the earth practicing organic farming methods to sow seeds, nourish the soil and harvest. The culmination will be a homemade meal featuring the vegetables and fruits that have been harvested. We'll take a field trip to a local garden. You'll take home a design for your home vegetable garden, seeds and recipes.

Project: Retro kitchen
We'll start by sewing a cute apron in kitschy fabric. Then we'll head from the sewing room into the kitchen to make 2 kinds of jam from scratch, eat some casserole, then relax at the end of the day with a glass of lemonade on the porch. The field trip may include vintage clothing shopping, a visit to the county fair or local quilt show, or swing dancing lessons. You'll take home the apron and yummy jars of jam.

Project: Manly man

You'll start by cutting the sleeves off an old t-shirt and picking out a new pair of brown, leather work gloves. Wear the shirt and gloves with your jeans, boots, and hat for your first assignment - digging holes in the yard (for trees that will be planted later during Project: Enviro). Take a break to eat BBQ and drink beer. But don't ruin your appetite, because after the afternoon's work sawing, drilling and assembling a backyard shade structure (with no instructions), the field trip includes a tour of the local pubs and breweries. You'll take home the work gloves, a sunburn and the pounds of muscle you've gained.

In addition to the project you've chosen...
All visits include cultural activities, nightlife, and outdoor excursions (pick 3)
  • Cultural activities: world famous zoo, wild animal park, and a plethora of museums, parks and gardens
  • Nightlife: an exceptional variety of restaurants and bars that includes every social scene or kind of food you could imagine (you can upgrade the nightlife portion of your travel escape with a fake bachelor or bachelorette party)
  • Winter outdoor excursion: hiking
  • Spring outdoor excursion: sea kayaking
  • Summer outdoor excursion: snorkelling
  • Fall outdoor excursion: hiking or sea kayaking
Coming soon... details for Project: Enviro, Project: Stitch n Bitch, and Project: Guerrilla Art

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